The Ports of Keelung and Taichung (Taiwan) achieves an ECOPORTS PERS Certfication after validation by Lloyd’s Register, a high environmental recognition

24 Dec 2015

ECOSLC congratulates the Ports of Keelung and Taichung, and the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC) for achieving the ECOPORTS Port Environmental Review System (PERS) certification after positive evaluations of their respective applications by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. Both ports achieve ECOPORTS PERS certification for the first time. ECOSLC welcomes them to the distinguished worldwide network of ECOPORTS PERS certificate holders. With these certifications the number of ECOPORTS PERS certified ports in Taiwan rises to three. (The Port of Kaoshiung received its ECOPORTS PERS certificate in November 2014).

The introduction of the ECOPORTS port environmental management system and standard is seen as a significant part in the elaboration of the sustainable ports strategy of the Taiwanese Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC). This strategy aims to improve port operations significantly in the 4 key areas of passenger transportation, cargo transportation, urban development and port environment. MOTC delivered assistance and guidance to TIPC with the introduction of the Ecoports port environmental management system and standards. TIPC has set up this in collaboration with important stakeholders such as the Taiwan Maritime Affairs Center of the Maritime and Port Bureau (MPB), the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA), Coast Guard Administration and both the Keelung and Taichung City Governments. The National Sun-Yat-sen University played a key role in assisting in its introduction in the ports.

ECOSLC follows the approach of a collaboration in the triangle of Politics (National Government), Daily Practice and Operations (Port) and Science (University) to combine their different but reinforcing roles and experience. This contributes strongly to a common vision and support for environmentally friendly port management and starts a process of permanent learning and improving following the basic approach of Ecoports: acting cost and environmentally effective and using solutions and experience of all levels of the organisation.

The ECOPORTS port environmental management system and standard was developed by ports, for ports. In Europe ECOPORTS is introduced via the European Seaports Organisation (ESPO) in its member ports in Europe and neighbouring countries. Outside Europe ECOPORTS is introduced by the independent, neutral ECOSLC Foundation ( recognized by ESPO and the American Association of Port Authorities (AAPA) that represents ports in North and South America.

ECOSLC maintains contacts with the ports Associations of Asia and Africa.