The Arab Seaports Federation and the independent Foundation, ECOSLC combine efforts to introduce the global ECOPORTS port environmental management system and standards

12 Apr 2017

The Arab Sea Ports Federation (ASPF) stimulates the management of its member ports in a framework of respect for the environment. At its first Maritime Conference on Sustainable Development in Ports held in Kuwait this February, His Excellency, Sheikh Yousef Abdullah Sabah Al-Nasser Al-Sabah, Director General of Kuwait Ports Authority, President of ASPF and President of the Arab Transport Sector signed a Memorandum of Understanding on behalf of ASPF with the independent ECOSLC Foundation ( to facilitate the introduction of the global environmental management system and standards for ports, ECOPORTS as a voluntary option for its members. Conference delegates agreed that it is timely for the port sector to strongly consider the adoption of an internationally recognised port sector-specific Environmental Management System (EMS). This EMS can assist ports with the objectives of cost and risk reduction, environmental protection and sustainability. Port Authorities and their investors are increasingly aware of the need to demonstrate their environmental credentials and ‘licence to operate’.