Terminal Internacional del Sur (Peru) is the first port terminal in Latin America achieves ECOPORTS PERS Certification for environmental standard

24 Jul 2018

Terminal Internacional del Sur S.A., TISUR, in Matarani, Peru achieved in July 2018, the Ecoports PERS Certificate after validation by the independent auditor Lloyd’s Register, NETHERLANDS.

Ecoports is the only global standard for environmental management especially designed to include the specific tasks and liabilities of ports and port terminals, while using the structure of ISO 4001. Ecoports is introduced in Europe by the European Seaports Organisation, ESPO and outside Europe by the independent Foundation ECO Sustainable Logistics Chain, ECOSLC (NETHERLANDS).


Terminal Internacional del Sur

TISUR, the multipurpose and bulk port terminal at the Pacific coast of Peru, connects industry in Peru via rail and road with the Pacific and also industries in Bolivia and Brasil, amongst others by the “vía interoceánica” that connects Peru and Brazil. TISUR is initiated by the government and set up and operated by its owner, the Romero Group.



EcoPorts is designed by ports for ports to start a process of permanent environmental improvement and aims at a long- term effect of its approach. In this way it is possible to add sustainability to this process.

Ecoports requires amongst others an standardized overview of environmental facts (“environmental aspect register”) that shows what environmental impact each of the port operations have on the environment. These operations include the operations of the port itself and operations in the port, as well as the companies that operate in the port or port terminal.

In this way the port gets insight in the effects of its own business model on the environment and can include environmental management in its port operations.


International support and recognition

Ecoports is supported by the United Nations Environment Programm. UNEP, the European Ports Organisation, Ports Associations in North and South America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East. Ecoports is recognized by the World Bank, especially as part of its requirement to have an environmental risk prevention system in place before finance for port and port related infrastructure can be applied.


ECO Sustainable Logistics Chain Foundation, ECOSLC

ECOSLC is an independent neutral and non-profit Foundation, in THE NETHERLANDS, that delivers sustainable strategies, management systems and certification, for ports and the logistics chain.


Gabriel Monge, TISUR General Manager, Matarani Port Administrator: “We seek through PERS certification to strengthen our environmental policy during the conduct of our port operations, ensuring compliance with environmental legislation with transparency, seeking to be a sustainable, efficient and respectful port with our environment”.


Herman Journée, Chairman of ECOSLC Foundation: “We congratulate TISUR with this achievement after the positive validation of the independent auditor Lloyd’s Register and welcome TISUR to the worldwide network of Ecoports PERS Certified Ports and Port Terminals”.