ECOSLC Foundation congratulates Port of Newcastle, Australia, for achieving ECOPORTS PERS Certification after validation by the independent auditor Lloyd’s Register, Netherlands.

18 Dec 2019

ECOSLC is delighted to congratulate Port of Newcastle for achieving ECOPORTS PERS certification. They received PERS accreditation in December 2019 and achieving the certification for the first time.

EcoPorts PERS is the only port sector specific environmental management standard. The standard requires, amongst others, that the port presents an overview of major environmental issues that shows the environmental impact of the port operations and connected with this, to present the legal requirements that are aimed to reduce this impact.

It is the flagship product of the EcoPorts network and is offered outside Europe by ECOSLC Foundation through the ECOSLC website ( Compliance with the PERS standard is independently assessed by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance (Netherlands) and the certificate has a validity of 2 years.